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The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) Industry Circle, officially launched in 2012, is a network of pharmaceutical industries that share a common interest in haemoglobin disorders (thalassaemia and sickle cell disease) and in the development of technologies relating to their prevention, treatment and monitoring.

In the Federation’s efforts to sustain and strengthen the relationship with our industry partners, the Industry Circle has provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between research and patients, reinforcing the Federation’s efforts to sustain and strengthen the relationship with our industry partners.

Pursuing the same goal, TIF seeks to obtain an open and transparent relationship with the industry, not only as supporters but also as allies in this relentless struggle to achieve equal access to all patients with haemoglobin disorders across the world to timely and quality healthcare.

The overall proportion of industry related funding (sub-total in %) is 17.09% and the non-industry funding is 82.85%. The highest contribution from a single company is 8.47 %. 

Funding sources of TIF

  1. Donations
  2. Project funding
  3. Industry

Other sources of funding

  1. Projects
  2. International conferences
  3. Memberships and subscriptions
  4. Others


Policy On Corporate & Financial Support

As a patient-directed non-governmental, non-profit organization TIF is committed to transparency and independence in accordance with our Policy on Financial Support that includes our Code of Ethics.TIF continues its efforts to diversify its funding base, in order to ensure a broad-based  and sustainable funding base for the long term. For any further questions regarding TIF’s funding, transparency or independence as an organization, please email us at

Policy on Corporate and Financial Support

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