The Novartis Declaration for Patients – What Patients Can Expect


We are inspired by patients.

This inspiration motivates us to revolutionize the research, development and manufacturing of innovative, high-quality medicines that help people live longer, with a better quality of life, giving more time to do the things that matter to them.

To do our best for patients, we do not accept the status quo. We work to enable patient access worldwide so that patients and society can benefit as quickly as possible.

The depth and strength of our pipeline enables us to change the practice of medicine and to bring more breakthroughs with real benefits to patients and society. Our broad portfolio of products helps us to expand overall access to medicines, both through targeted patient access programs and widespread availability of affordable, high-quality generics and biosimilars.

We partner with people and organizations around the world because, by working together, we can make a greater difference.

We continually challenge ourselves to the highest standards of compliance, integrity and performance in all that we do to ensure a sustainable future of innovation for patients, society and Novartis.

As patients are our focus, it is important that they know what to expect from Novartis and that we are very clear about our commitment to patients and our role and responsibilities in key areas of interest, including:


  • Access to Our Innovative Medicines
  • Patient Safety
  • Respecting the Patient Perspective
  • Data Transparency and Data Integrity
  • Clinical Trial Input

Access to Our Innovative Medicines

Novartis conducts one of the world’s largest clinical trial programs covering many disease areas.

We commit to registering our new treatments in every country that has participated in the clinical trials and to making the treatments commercially available wherever feasible.

Where a medicine is not commercially available, we will provide it (as permitted by local legislation) to those patients who participated in the clinical trial to ensure their treatment is not interrupted. In these cases, Novartis works closely with the trial investigators, and in the context of existing local legal and regulatory frameworks, to extend access to the study treatment.

We will actively demonstrate to physicians, governments and payers the value our products bring to patients and do our best to ensure that patients in need can access our products as soon as possible. We will work together with local governments and payers to find local solutions to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time as quickly as possible.

We offer a variety of patient access solutions depending on need and where permitted by law and the country regulatory authorities, including:

  • Early Access Programs – enables a treatment to be available to patients before it is approved for use on the market and officially launched
  • Expanded Access Programs – enables a treatment under investigation to be available to patients for treatment outside of an ongoing clinical trial
  • Compassionate Use Programs – enables a treatment to be available to patients who have no treatment options, either because the current available therapies do not work for them or they have exhausted all of their options, and cannot enter a clinical trial

We have assistance available to patients in countries such as the United States and Canada which include helping with co-payments.

When necessary, we offer donation programs and work with payers on access programs that reflect the specific needs and the economic status of the countries.

We will price our products to support investment in continued research of future breakthrough patient therapies and the value they offer to society and patients.

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