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Announcing Thalassaemia International Federation's (TIF's) Smart phone applications!

ThaliMe and TIF's Digital Library
We're excited to share with you TIF's  brand-new Smartphone applications! 
Click here to view the ThaliMe Demonstration Video!

The ThaliMe app is a unique, exciting new mobile application that promises to improve the lives of people living with thalassaemia, and will soon be available for download from the Apple Store andas a web device.

ThaliMe gives people living with thalassaemia, their families and caregivers, a private mobile support network and a set of tools to simplify daily management and monitor overall health. ThaliMe is easy to use, personalised, and provides users with helpful tools to manage everything from medication reminders to appointment scheduling, from mood and mobility levels to transfusion dates and access to the latest research.

Among its many features are data visualisation tools that present health tracking in a visual format, thus providing an easy and motivating way to chart personal health. Medication and appointment reminders are also available to encourage adherence and timely care. ThaliMe also helps to connect thalassaemia community members worldwide, including their families and carers. Through ThaliMe, patients are linked to private, peer-to-peer and peer-to-caregiver support networks to reduce isolation and improve patients’ sense of support. Stay tuned! Soon available for download from the Apple store!
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TIF's Digital Library

TIF has finally completed its exciting project to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, providing users with a powerful platform containing all TIF publications and informing them of TIF news and events.

This application offers users a simple way to access TIF publications from any device, anywhere, at any time.

It consists of a digital bookshelf and enables users to select a publication, download and read it, providing some stunningly-looking interactive features that harness the touch controls of mobile phones. The application also allows users to catch up on the latest news and events of TIF, through push notifications, alerts and a digital calendar.
TIF has now launched the app on the IOS and Android markets! Access iOS and Android apps via the links below:

Download on Apple Store
Download on Google Play
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