Our Members

TIF is an umbrella organisation. Its membership comprises national thalassaemia and other disease-specific patients’ associations, health-related organisations and institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and interested individuals from around the world.

It currently represents a total of 204 members from over 62 countries across the world: 76 General Members, 50 Voting Members, 55 Associate Individuals, 14 Associate Organisations, and 9  Companies.

TIF General Members


Name Country
Social and Health Organization for Afghanistan(SOA) AFGHANISTAN
Albanian Association of Thalassaemia and Haemoglobinopathies                                        ALBANIA                                           
ASSOCIATION “EL AMANI” DES ANEMIES HEMOLYTIQUES CONGENITALES                                        ALGERIA                                          
ASOCIACION DE TALASEMIA ARGENTINA                                                                   ARGENTINA                                        
THALASSAEMIA FOUNDATION OF ARGENTINA – FUNDATAL                                                     ARGENTINA                                        
BANGLADESH THALASSEMIA FOUNDATION                                                                    BANGLADESH                                       
LAB ONE FOUNDATION OF THALASSAEMIA                                                                  BANGLADESH                                       
THALASSAEMIA WELFARE CENTRE-BANGLADESH                                                              BANGLADESH                                       
ASSOCIATION BELGE DE THALASSEMIE ASBL                                                               BELGIUM                                          
CAMBODIAN THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                                  CAMBODIA                                         
The Vancouver Thalassaemia Society of B.C.                                                           CANADA                                          
GUANGDONG THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                                  CHINA                                            
GUANGXI THALASSAEMIA FEDERATION                                                                     CHINA                                            
Thalassaemia Chinese Federation CHINA                                            
Thalassemia Patients Friends Association    EGYPT  
ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DE LUTTE CONTRE LES THALASSAEMIES (AFLT)                                      FRANCE                                           
INTERESSENGEMEINSCHAFT SICHELZELLKRANKHEIT UND THALASSAEMIE E.V. (IST E.V.)                         GERMANY                                          
THALASSAEMIE VEREIN ULM E.V.                                                                        GERMANY                                          
Seltene Anaemien Deutschland (SAM) GERMANY
SYLLOGOS PASHONTON APO MESOGEIAKI ANAIMIA NOMOU KORINTHIAS                                          GREECE                                           
Federation of Indian Thalassemics                                                                    INDIA                                            
Foundation Against Thalassaemia (Regd.)                                                             INDIA                                            
INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF BLOOD CANCER & ALLIED DISEASES                                                INDIA                                            
MALABAR T.H.A.S. SOCIETY (KERALA)                                                                   INDIA                                             
Mumbai Thalassaemic Society                                                                         INDIA                                            
NIVETHAN TRUST                                                                                       INDIA                                            
National Thalassaemia Welfare Society (Regd)                                                        INDIA                                            
PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION THALASSAEMIC UNIT TRUST (MUMBAI)                                               INDIA                                            
RESEARCH SOCIETY OF BJW HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN                                                       INDIA                                             
SOUTH EAST ASIA INSTITUTE FOR THALASSAEMIA INDIA                                                    INDIA                                            
THALASSAEMIC CHILDREN WELFARE ASSOCIATION (REGD.)                                                    INDIA                                            
THALASSEMIA AND SICKLE CELL SOCIETY                                                                 INDIA                                            
THALASSEMIA SOCIETY (KARNATAKA)                                                                      INDIA                                            
The Thalassaemia Society of India                                                                   INDIA                                             
Esfahan Thalassaemia Society                                                                        IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)                       
DIWANYAH THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                                    IRAQ                                             
IRAQI THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                                      IRAQ                                             
Mercy Association for Thalassaemia Patients in Wasit IRAQ 
SICKLE CELL AND THALASSAEMIA IRELAND                                                                IRELAND                                          
THE GALILEE FOUNDATION OF THALASSAEMIA & SICKLE CELL ANEMIA                                          ISRAEL                                           
ASSOCIAZIONE LOTTA ALLA TALASSEMIA DI FERRARA                                                       ITALY                                            
ASSOCIAZIONE THALASSEMICI DI TORINO ONLUS                                                           ITALY                                            
UNITED ONLUS ITALY                                            
KUWAIT THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY                                                                          KUWAIT                                           
ETUDIER, COMBATTRE LES MALADIES DE L’HEMOGLOBINE                                                    LUXEMBOURG                                       
JOHOR THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY                                                                          MALAYSIA                                         
PERTUBUHAN THALASAEMIA PULAU PINANG                                                                 MALAYSIA                                          
THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA                                                                MALAYSIA                                         
MALDIVIAN THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY                                                                       MALDIVES                                         
THALASSAEMIA AWARENESS MALTESE ASSOCIATION (TAMA)                                                   MALTA                                            
BLOOD DONORS ASSOCIATION (MAURITIUS) MAURITIUS                                        
THALASSEMIA SOCIETY OF MAURITIUS                                                                    MAURITIUS                                        
ASSOCIATION MAROCAINE DE THALASSAEMIE ET DREPANOCYTOSE                                              MOROCCO                                          
OSCAR NEDERLAND                                                                                     NETHERLANDS                                       
Sickle Cell / Thalassaemia Association of Nigeria NIGERIA
ABBOTONIANS MEDICAL ASSOCIATION                                                                     PAKISTAN                                         
AFZAAL MEMORIAL THALASSAEMIA FOUNDATION (AMTF)                                                      PAKISTAN                                         
Amina Bashir Memorial Trust PAKISTAN 
KASHIF IQBAL THALASSAEMIA CARE CENTRE (TRUST)                                                        PAKISTAN                                         
Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society (Regd)                                                        PAKISTAN                                         
RIFAH WELFARE FOUNDATION                                                                            PAKISTAN                                         
THALASSAEMIA PATIENTS & PARENTS SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN                                                 PAKISTAN                                          
BALIKATANG THALASSEMIA                                                                              PHILIPPINES                                      
MINDANAO THALASSEMIA FOUNDATION INC                                                                  PHILIPPINES                                      
ASSOCIACAO PORTUGUESA DE PAIS E DOENTES COM HEMOGLOBINOPATIAS                                       PORTUGAL                                         
Al Ahsa Association Charity for Genetic Diseases SAUDI ARABIA                                     
AL-Madina Hereditary Blood Disorder Charity Society                                                 SAUDI ARABIA                                     
SAUDI FRIENDS’ CHARITY OF THALASSAEMIA & SICKLE CELL ANEMIA SOCIETY                                 SAUDI ARABIA                                     
South African Thalassaemia Association                                                              SOUTH AFRICA                                     
Alheta (Asociacion Espanola De Lucha Contra Las Hemoglobinopatias Y Talasemias)                     SPAIN                                            
THE SUDANESE PATIENTS AND PARENTS SOCIETY FOR SICKLE CELL                                            SUDAN                                            
TAIWAN THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION (TWTA)                                                              TAIWAN                                           
THALASSEMIAC AND LEUKEMIC PATIENTS                                                                  TURKEY                                           
UAE Genetic Diseases Association                                                                    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                             
OSCAR SANDWELL                                                                                      UNITED KINGDOM                                   
VIETNAMESE THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                                  VIET NAM                                         

TIF Voting Members


ALBANIAN THALASSAEMICS ASSOCIATION (ATA) ALBANIA                                           
THALASSAEMIA AUSTRALIA INC                                                                          AUSTRALIA                                        
THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY OF NEW  SOUTH  WALES                                                            AUSTRALIA                                        
SAVAB DUNYASI THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION                                                            AZERBAIJAN                                       
Azerbaijan Thalassaemia Society INSAN                                                                AZERBAIJAN                                       
BAHRAIN NATIONAL HEREDITARY ANAEMIA SOCIETY                                                         BAHRAIN                                           
BANGLADESH THALASSAEMIA SAMITY (SOCIETY)                                                            BANGLADESH                                       
BULGARIAN ANTI-THALASSAEMIC ORGANISATION (BATA) – SOFIA                                              BULGARIA                                         
THALASSAEMICS’ ORGANIZATION IN BULGARIA                                                             BULGARIA                                         
Thalassemia Foundation of Canada                                                                     CANADA                                           
CHILDREN’S THALASSAEMIA FOUNDATION LTD                                                              Hong Kong                    
ΠΑΓΚΥΠΡΙΟΣ ΑΝΤΙΑΝΑΙΜΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ                                                                  CYPRUS                                           
EGYPTIAN THALASSAEMIC FRIENDS ASSOCIATION                                                           EGYPT                                             
GREEK THALASSAEMIA FEDERATION (EOTHA)                                                               GREECE                                           
THALASSEMICS INDIA                                                                                   INDIA                                            
Yayasan Thalassaemia Indonesia                                                                      INDONESIA                                        
CHARITY FOUNDATION FOR SPECIAL DISEASES                                                             IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)                       
Iranian Thalassaemia Society                                                                        IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)                       
THALASSEMIA ASSOCIATION IN NINIVA                                                                   IRAQ                                             
ISRAELI ASSOCIATION OF THALASSAEMIA & SICKLE CELL ANEMIA                                             ISRAEL                                           
ASSOCIAZIONE LIGURE THALASSEMICI ONLUS (ALT)                                                        ITALY                                            
ASSOCIAZIONE TALASSEMICI E DREPANOCITICI LOMBARDI ONLUS (ATDL)                                      ITALY                                            
ASSOCIAZIONE VENETA PER LA LOTTA ALLA TALASSEMIA (AVLT)                                             ITALY                                             
FONDAZIONE ITALIANA “L. GIAMBRONE” PER LA GUARIGIONE DALLA THALASSEMIA                              ITALY                                            
JORDANIAN THALASSEMIA & HEMOPHILIA SOCIETY                                                           JORDAN                                           
CHRONIC CARE CENTRE                                                                                 LEBANON                                          
FEDERATION OF MALAYSIAN THALASSAEMIA SOCIETIES                                                      MALAYSIA                                         
Society for Health Education                                                                        MALDIVES                                         
MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION OF THALASSAEMIA AND HEMOGLOBIN DISEASES (MATHED)                               MOROCCO                                          
Nepal Thalassaemia Society                                                                           NEPAL                                            
THALASSAEMIA FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN                                                                 PAKISTAN                                         
Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan                                                                    PAKISTAN                                         
PALESTINE AVENIR FOUNDATION                                                                         PALESTINE (OCCUPIED)                             
THALASSEMIA PATIENTS FRIENDS SOCIETY (TPFS PALESTINE)                                               PALESTINE (OCCUPIED)                             
ASOCIATIA PERSOANELOR CU TALASEMIE MAJORA                                                            ROMANIA                                          
THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY (SINGAPORE)                                                                    SINGAPORE                                        
Kurunegala Thalassaemia Association                                                                 SRI LANKA                                        
THALASSAEMIA PATIENTS AND HEREDITARY BLOOD DISEASES                                                 SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC                             
THALASSAEMIA FOUNDATION OF THAILAND                                                                 THAILAND                                         
ALPHATT TUNISIE                                                                                     TUNISIA                                          
(ATODER) ADANA THALASSAEMIA & SICKLE CELL ANEMIA TURKEY                                           
AKDENIZ TALASEMI DERNEGI                                                                            TURKEY                                           
TADAD – THALASSEMI DAYANISMA DERNEGI                                                                TURKEY                                           
TALASEMI FEDERASYONU (THALASSEMIA FEDERATION OF TURKEY)                                             TURKEY                                           
Emirates Thalassaemia Society                                                                       UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                             
NEBATA (NORTH OF ENGLAND BONE MARROW & THALASSAEMIA ASSOCIATION)                                    UNITED KINGDOM                                   
UNITED KINGDOM THALASSAEMIA SOCIETY (UKTS)                                                          UNITED KINGDOM                                   
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation                                                                          UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                         
YEMEN THALASSAEMIA & GENETIC BLOOD DISORDERS SOCIETY                                                YEMEN