TIF Academy

The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) has developed an internationally-recognised educational programme, with the objective to continuously educate health professionals, patients and their families, the community at large and policy-makers.

  • TIF offers a full-fledged multimodal educational programme including the following:
  • Conferences, workshops and seminars at the national, regional and international level;
  • Preparation, translation and distribution of publications;
  • Electronic courses , e-registries for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Expert Patients’ Programme and Capacity Building

Conferences for Doctors and Patients

The major component of TIF’s internationally accredited Educational Programme is the organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops held at local, national, regional and international levels. TIF’s established international events are the biennial International Conference on Thalassaemia and Other Haemoglobinopathies, and the Pan-European, Pan-Asian and Pan-Middle East Regional Conferences. Read more 

International Conference 2017

Renzo Galanello Fellowships

Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) has launched, in the context of its educational programme, in 2013 a fellowship program, the Renzo Galanello Fellowship Programme, in honour of the late Professor Renzo Galanello, a pioneer in the field of thalassaemia research and management. Read more




These are short visits by specialists who already know their subject but wish to benefit from contact with experts, in order to update or ‘polish, a technique or aspect of care. They should not last for more than 4-5 days and each group cannot consist of more than 4-5 individuals.

The format of each preceptorship is based mainly on discussion and case presentation (for the clinical side) or laboratory techniques (for the lab side).

Thal e-Course

E-learning platform for patients wanting to learn more about the disorder, its genetic cause, the blood component affected, new advances in treatment, lifestyle and many more. Such knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the better and more productive collaboration of patients with their treating physicians and other members of their multidisciplinary care. Very importantly, it will help patients worldwide in the fight for improvements in their health and social care nationally, regionally and internationally.

e-Courses for Healthcare professionals

E-courses for Healthcare professionals who want to specialise in thalassaemia prevention and management and follow the latest developments in the field. Available soon.

TIF Digital Library

A mobile app gathering all news about thalassaemia and TIF in one place. Available for Android and iOS. Access TIF Digital Library