TIF Communications

TIF is reaching out to its member associations and interested stakeholders worldwide through a number of print and electronic communications with the aim is to inform on the recent developments in thalassaemia and engage all stakeholders in the common goal of achieving support and optimal management of thalassaemia.


TIF Magazine

TIF Magazine is the official membership magazine of the Thalassaemia International Federation. Advertise with us and find yourself in the hands of national health authorities, patients, parents, health professionals, international professional bodies in over 60 countries. Read more

TIF e-Newsletter

TIF e-Newsletter, out several times during the year highlights all the activities that TIF engaged in, allowing readers to follow developments from country visits, educational programmes and material. Follow our e-Newsletter.

TIF Video Challenge and more awareness-raising videos

TIF has released a number of videos to educate and raise awareness on thalassaemia, including “Precious Rubies” (thalassaemia anthem), cartoons explaining thalassaemia to children and aiming to increase adherence to medication and care, Video Challenge events where patients exercise their creativity and contribute to awareness raising. We hope you enjoy these videos.